Professional Writing

Let the Blind Appreciate Your Art: Bringing Tactile and Audio Art Prints to the Washington County Fine Arts Museum

Currently, WCMFA does not offer any resources that would allow those with visually disabilities to experience the art in the museum. Every item in the collection is behind glass or rope with a sign stating, “Do Not Touch.” Introducing tactile prints would allow blind visitors to form their own thoughts, opinions, and conclusions about the art, rather than needing to rely on a guide, friend, or audio recording.

Glorification, Degradation, and Restoration: Variations of Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons

The telling of the tale of Penthesilea and Achilles did not end in antiquity. Penthesilea's story has captivated over a dozen writers from ancient times to the contemporary era, and their captivation has ushered in numerous rewritings of the tumultuous tale. Her story has been retold in many literary forms: epic poetry, short story, fictional biography, and drama, and each form brings a different lens through which to portray her character.